As mayor I am proud of the accomplishments of our administration and I hope to serve a second term so that we can build on the solid foundations that have been laid. I am most proud of having built a strong team of people who think creatively and work proactively with skill and dedication to our city and its residents.

We have improved major infrastructure :

• The Richland Ave. Rte. 682 roundabout & renovation of Richland Avenue bridge, which resulted in safer, smoother, gas-saving traffic flow.

• Upgrades of water lines, sewers and water treatment plant

• Environmentally safer road salt application and storage

• Working in collaboration with OU, we opened Jeff Hill and installed additional street lighting as requested by OU Student Senate .

We have planned for our city’s safety and long-term viability:

• Hired Athens' first City Planner and consolidated the Engineering and Public Works department for efficient city planning and services.

• Established intercity Go Bus system.

• Negotiated with Ohio University to help fund a new ladder fire truck

• Developed and are currently implementing a comprehensive pedestrian and bike plan and have obtained and implemented Safe Routes to School grants

• Have applied for grants for home repair and home rehabilitation

• Leveraged grants extensively as well as instituted budget efficiencies throughout our administration





We are implementing smart development:

• Instituted regular Town Hall meetings and Facebook and Twitter accounts, increasing community access, input and accountability.

• Installed solar panels at Athens Community Center.

• Increased enforcement of rental, garbage, and litter regulations.

• Responded to Uptown Business Association’s request for centralized garbage pickup

• Developed multi-year energy efficiency plan for city facilities.

• Created E. State St. Dog Park and canoe access in West State St. Park.

• Expanded Community Gardens program.

We have strengthened collaborations with OU and students. We are instituting, among others:

• Regular police-community dialogues.

• OU financial support of a new ladder truck for the fire department.

• Major infrastructure improvements on Jeff Hill and Richland Ave. .

• A noise ordinance based on a solid student proposal and with wide student participation in its development .

• Sorority-fraternity adopt-a-tree and other tree planting and beautification collaborations.


For your support I thank you.
If you have any questions or issues do not hesitate to email me at or call me at 592-3745.


Paid for by Wiehl for Mayor Committee Maxine Rantane, Treasurer, 3 Mary St., Athens

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